Adventure Cat Gear

Rosie always strives to adventure in style! Here is a list of all her equipment and necessities every adventure cat should have!

For sizing references, Rosie is a fairly small cat (about 9 pounds) and has short stocky legs and very thick fur. She usually wears an XS in dog sizes and a medium-large in cat sizes. We do usually take into account her fur though, and her harnesses/collars are usually worn fairly loose.


Of all the harnesses advertised for cats, the Come With Me Kitty Cat Harness would probably be the most popular.


Rosie has one in a Dusty Rose & Burgundy color, size large. We like the safety features of this harness and the ease of which it comes on and off. There is a chest piece that adjusts to your cat’s neck size. The front straps come behind your cat’s neck and loop under a metal piece on the body strap. This ensures that if your cat tries to wiggle out, the straps tighten to keep your cat in harness. There are two buckles on each side of the body straps for size adjustments. We aren’t personal fans of the bungee leash, but it still works for it’s purpose! We usually swap out the leash for a regular nylon leash. Overall, if you are taking your kitten or cat for the first time, this harness would be a great starter one!


Another popular harness is the Figure H Cat Harness & Leash.

A standard H harness is Rosie’s go-to harness for everyday walks. It’s super light, adjustable, and fairly secure. For added security, purchase an H harness with the front chest strap as well. The two buckles on the neck and body straps ensure easy positioning and adjustability. The nylon leash also our favorite as it is light and easy for Rosie to drag along. Rosie usually wears a size medium, in pink.


A favorite among the cat community would probably be the Mesh Cat Harness.
Rosie usually doesn’t usually wear a mesh harness, but it is very effective in keeping cats in harness. The mesh is breathable and the harness itself is not bulky. The neck pieces are usually not very adjustable though, so sizing is a little more tedious. Rosie is about a medium depending on the brand. The body strap has one point of adjustment and one buckle. Some have two though! And a standard D ring sits on the back for leash attachment.


For rough and tough adventures like our snow trips, Rosie likes to sport a more durable harness like the Ruffwear Harness. Rosie’s size is an XXS in the color Alpenglow Pink.
This harness was originally designed for dogs. As expected, it does not fit Rosie extremely well. It is a bit loose in the neck area and even at an XXS, the chest piece extends a little further below her tummy area where her H harness would usually sit. We would not recommend this harness if your cat spooks easily or regularly escapes harnesses. It is also a bit heavier than the previous harnesses and your cat will likely “slink” until they get used to the weight. It is great though, because it keeps Rosie warmer and is very sturdy.

There are four point of adjustment for the neck and body and two points where leashes could be attached. There is a patch on the inside where you could write their name and your contact info, and also a hideaway pocket to keep further identification. Overall a great harness for a trusted cat.


One of Rosie’s favorite backpacks is Ladybug Knapsack and Leash.


She keeps a single lollipop and a band-aid in there, just in case one of her huskies gets a boo boo!


Travel Necessities:

Of all travel necessities, the most important would probably be a Portable Litter Box.

We bought this specific one for Rosie when she was a kitten. It worked great when she was smaller, but she is a little bit big for it now. We do love that it is completely foldable, waterproof (on the inside) and easy to clean. If a litter box liner is used in conjunction, clean up is a breeze! The size is perfect for the trunk of a car or the back seat if really necessary. We usually only use it for long road trips, because for hiking and walks, Rosie would use nature just as the dogs do!


For a typical hike, we would also carry along a Pet Sling Carrier Tote to carry Rosie in.


For longer hikes, we like to use our trusty Portable Outdoor Travel Backpack, which Rosie will happily climb into when her legs grow weary.



For car rides, Rosie likes to relax in her pink Shark Bed. They also come in blue and gray!

When she isn’t looking out the window at the world, Rosie likes to relax in her travel bed to pass the time. They do run on the smaller side, so Rosie has a medium size. Besides the obvious comedic effect, the inside has a soft cushion that Rosie adores! Perfect for any cat nap!


For on the go fast food, we like to carry along Collapsible Travel Bowls.

They are easily stored and can clip to anything (backpack, dog, or cat)! These are great for water breaks and even small amounts of food.


For overnight stays, we use a Travel Bowl Set.
It’s great for storing food and water, the lid comes up for handles, and the container comes apart to serve as bowls!


When we are out on the water kayaking, paddle boarding, or boating, safety is our number one concern. Rosie would be wearing her Shark Fin Life Jacket for these occasions. As the jacket is geared towards dogs, Rosie is usually a size small in life jackets.

This blue one isn’t exactly the one we have, but we suspect it does the same thing. Just incase someone goes overboard, there’s a nice handle to haul them back on. And with three adjustable clips, the life jacket is nice and secure! The cute fin is an added bonus!


For those rainy days, we carry along a Packable Rain Poncho. Rosie is a size small and has the Raspberry color.

We love that the poncho is packable and has it’s own little carrying pouch. The pouch can clip onto their leash and is carried right along! The poncho itself is nice and light with no frills. It buttons in the front and has a strap under the tummy. There is a little leash attachment behind the neck area for easy access to collars. Harnesses can be hooked from underneath, but will most likely lift the poncho. Overall versatility is great!


If you had any more questions about Rosie’s Adventure Cat Gear, please feel free to contact us! Also, please follow and subscribe to the blog, as we are always adding new things!

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