Huskies are by nature a very prey driven breed. They are known to bring harm to smaller creatures such as cats, rabbits, or birds. It is uncommon for huskies and cats to get along unless they were raised together. We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to raise our pups with cats since a very young age. But even so, we are still extremely careful with them around smaller animals. Any sudden movement may trigger their prey drive and often times, what they think is “play” will result in injury (or worse) to a smaller animal. So please, do not run out and get a kitten or a husky expecting them to love one another.

There are as many heartfelt stories between huskies and cats as there are tragic ones. So be responsible in bringing home any new pet. Do your research on the breed, and be honest with yourself on whether or not they match your lifestyle and family. You should be ready to commit to your new pet for the duration of their entire lifetime. If you do, we have no doubt you’ll be rewarded with an endless amount of love and adoration!

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