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Behind the scenes of @LilotheHusky, we are actively rescuing kittens, fostering cats, and performing TNR (trap, neuter, release) for feral cat colonies, chronicled on @MiniCatTown


This is where Rosie’s origins are, as she was born to a mother in a feral colony. We would later come back and set humane traps to catch these cats, and have them fixed. After a resting period, they would be returned to their original outdoor homes.

Feral cat colonies play a vital part in the ecosystem. They keep rodent/bug populations in check, and keep balance between other feral cats. The problem is when they start rapidly multiplying… food becomes scarce and their lives are made much harder by bearing the burden of hungry mouths to feed. By spaying and neutering, we can keep a healthy number of cats who do their part in the environment without destroying themselves from within. They live much happier lives not having to birth litter after litter that often do not survive.

We do our part to ensure any colony we help is continually taken care of. We supply willing neighbors with food to feed the cats. We put out shelter boxes for them to take cover in, and we always follow up with vet care for any sick or injured cat.

We operate independently and take on all responsibilities for our projects physically and financially. Fortunately, last kitten season, a huge amount of donations made through our Amazon wish list made it entirely possible for us to foster for the entire kitten season! We were astonished by the overwhelming support, and we hope for all your support again in the future! Thank you so much to everyone who donated and gave us the encouragement to do what we love. We play a small role in the rescue community, but we hope to make big changes by sharing our experiences and motivating others to take active roles in rescuing in their own communities!

Check out our past kittens Here!

As of 2019, we’ve officially established Mini Cat Town as a non-profit 501c(3) rescue! We’ve decided to specialize in the most at risk population in shelters, neonatal kittens. Please help support their care by donating below. All of their stories can be found at our new website: . Thank you for your support!

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Your one time donation of $10 will go towards giving a rescue kitten their very first vaccine! Thank you so much!


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