Rosie’s Story

First night home for Rosie.

Rosie was rescued from the streets of San Jose when she was only 2 weeks old. The first few nights were extremely rocky… With our past experience of fostering and bottle feeding young kittens, we tried our very best to keep Rosie alive. She struggled to take in food and as the hours passed, she became more lethargic and limp. Just when she seemed like she would not make it, Lilo stepped in.

Rosie’s bond with Lilo saved her life.

Lilo had just been fixed a few days prior and still sported her cone, a shaved belly, and stitched scar from the surgery. Regardless, Lilo coaxed Rosie into the warmth of her fur and allowed her to cuddle for hours. By some miracle, Rosie started trying to suckle on Lilo and cried out for food! We were stunned by the effect Lilo had on Rosie and immediately gave Rosie a bottle. She drank every drop and nestled into Lilo’s fur to sleep. When she awoke again, it was as if new life was breathed into this little kitten. We suspect it was the heart and soul of a husky!

As a kitten, Rosie was very sickly & warranted a lot of vet visits.
Luckily, Lilo was always right next to her.

Lilo continued to care for Rosie, allowing Rosie to suckle on her, stimulating her to go to the bathroom (because yes, young kittens need to be stimulated to go), and protecting her from the world around her. As the days passed, Rosie grew in strength and confidence. Normal days consisted of this mighty little kitty trying to keep up with the big dogs.

One day, we took the leap! With a harnessed and leashed kitten in tow, the pack was ready for a day out at the park. Rosie looked to Lilo for guidance as a mother and mentor. Putting all her trust in Lilo, Rosie would follow her to the ends of the Earth. Expanding on their outdoor adventures, we would take to the rivers, lakes, and trails for kayaking, paddle boarding, and hiking. Road trips were a given, braving both sun and snow for the sake of new adventures!

First outing for Rosie!

If everyone loved the way Lilo & Rosie did, there would be no evil in this world.
Their message to everyone: Love does not see with the eyes, but with the heart!

A little selflessness can save a life.

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