Welcome Kitty & Husky Lovers!

Hello! We want to welcome you to our new blog! We decided to expand beyond the pictures on Instagram and Facebook through daily blogging. Through this process we can share more of our lives (as well as the packs’) with you all. Thank you for being a great community of animal lovers, and we hope for your continual support in the future!


Get ready to strap on those adventure packs and follow along as this little kitty tackles this roller coaster called life!


One thought on “Welcome Kitty & Husky Lovers!

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  1. Hi! Thank you for your launching a wonderful home page(o^^o)

    I am a big fun of Lilothehuskey.
    Your spirits and activites have been moved me a lot.

    Currently my cats is fighting against lung cancer.
    But I am trying my best with her, believing in miracle.

    By the way, I’m so happy to know that Rosie loves bonito flakes ❣️ I’m from Japan and the product you introduced seems from Japan!
    Japanese cats also loves bonoto flakes so much. There is a proverb about that fact😸

    I’m looking foward to seeing next update💕

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