Our 2018 Lake Tahoe Adventure!

Every year, we embark on a short road trip to Lake Tahoe, also known as our favorite place on earth! Plans include renting a pet friendly cabin and a schedule that is jam packed with fun adventures for the whole pack. We play, we hike, and relax by the cabin fire day after day until we have to return to the reality of school and work. It is something we look forward to every year! This years plans were a bit overshadowed by the lack of snow, but they were still exciting nonetheless!

The first thing we did when we arrived at our cabin, was dropped our bags and headed on over the beautiful lake! The skies were clear and the view from the pier was breathtaking. We snapped some photos on the pier, ran along the pebble lined beach, and (Lilo and Finny) played in the water, it was much too cold for the humans or Rosie to take a dip. We stood back and took it all in.

We had plans to go snowmobiling, dog sledding, and cross country skiing, but due to the lack of snow, we were unable to carry out on those plans. Chances are, we will make time to come back when the snow arrives!

Instead of doing that, we went hiking at Shirley Lake Trail.

Rosie taking in the beautiful view!
Lilo and Infinity were as happy as pie after they finally found snow!
Rosie content with being carried after a long hike!

Visited Squaw Valley Resort, where there was a nice pet shop and plenty of outdoor seating to accommodate our pack!


And we explored the areas in the nearby town, where there were plenty of pet friendly restaurants, boutiques, and souvenir shops! If anyone is wondering, we stayed on the west shore of Lake Tahoe, 15 minutes away Squaw Valley!


In conclusion, snow or no snow, our annual trip was and always is filled with quality time, making the best memories, and warm evenings spent around the cabin fire. We could not have asked for anything else!

P.S. There will be two new videos added to our Youtube Channel this week that includes some of our favorite moments from our hike and a look behind the scenes of our week in Lake Tahoe! Visit our channel here –> Rosie & the Huskies Youtube Channel


4 thoughts on “Our 2018 Lake Tahoe Adventure!

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  1. Ah the cat! How adorable. My mom hated cats growing up but the older I get, the more I understand them and want one. I will definitely want to take it on hiking trips too, that’s amazing you do that. Was it hard to get her into it??


  2. I love those pictures, especially of Rosie in her coat relaxing with her eyes closed! 💕so sweet

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  3. I’ve missed you all Lilo, Finny and Rosie I love seeing your adventures you are all looking so beautiful. Rosie do you have a new scarf it suits you very much tired girl. X


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