Do You Brush Your Pet’s Teeth?

How much did the vet say the dental cleaning was? An average teeth cleaning costs anywhere from $200 to an upwards of $700. You're kidding right? Nope. The costs also climb with extractions, x-rays, and blood work for the anesthesia. Wow. Instead of frequent dental cleanings from the vet, we do a few things to... Continue Reading →

Infinity’s Paw Surgery

It's difficult to fathom any of our family members injured or hurt, but it is inevitable. A few weeks ago, we were running in the park, when Infinity started limping and bleeding out of nowhere. We stopped and upon further inspection, her back right paw was the culprit! So we made our way back home.... Continue Reading →

DIY Valentines Day Treats

It was Valentines Day just a few days ago. I had to work late and really wanted to do something special for the fur kids. At work, I looked up an easy recipe for frozen pet treats that included greek yogurt. After work, I somehow got distracted with other errands and I completely forgot to... Continue Reading →

DIY Chicken Jerky Treats

A few years ago, one of us received a food dehydrator for Christmas. It was a very thoughtful gift, but what would we ever do with one? It had been sitting in its box for ages until we decided to finally put it to work! Why now you ask? Well, we were at the pet... Continue Reading →

Lake Tahoe 2018 Vlog

If you are interested in a behind the scenes look at our trip to Lake Tahoe, from where we went, to our newest favorite hiking spot, and how we film/take photos of the pack, this video is definitely for you! Watch it here or click if it is not loading, click the link here: Lake Tahoe... Continue Reading →

Our 2018 Lake Tahoe Adventure!

Every year, we embark on a short road trip to Lake Tahoe, also known as our favorite place on earth! Plans include renting a pet friendly cabin and a schedule that is jam packed with fun adventures for the whole pack. We play, we hike, and relax by the cabin fire day after day until... Continue Reading →

Our Saturday Hike

Whenever possible, we love taking the pack hiking. Today, we woke up at 7:45 AM and got everyone ready for the day! Anderson Lake County Park  was our destination today! After a short drive from San Jose, we arrived. Since it was a new place, we did not know what exactly to expect, but were excited... Continue Reading →

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