DIY Valentines Day Treats

It was Valentines Day just a few days ago. I had to work late and really wanted to do something special for the fur kids. At work, I looked up an easy recipe for frozen pet treats that included greek yogurt. After work, I somehow got distracted with other errands and I completely forgot to stop by the grocery store to pick it up. As soon as I got home, I remembered, but was too tired to get back into the car, so I improvised.

I found bananas, peanut butter, and apple sauce. These are all pet friendly ingredients that mix well together, so I did just that. I wanted the recipe to be super easy. Here is the recipe and instructions.


  • 2 bananas
  • 1/2 cup of peanut butter (preferably natural and without artificial sweeteners)
  • 1/2 cup of organic unsweetened apple sauce (the one I used was from Trader Joes)


  • Peel, chop, and mash the bananas.
  • Pour applesauce and peanut butter into the mashed bananas
  • Mix everything together
  • Fill the molds and freeze until firm (heart shaped silicon molds were my go-to because of the holiday)
  • Bake at 250°F for 20 minutes.

**Please note that if you use our link to purchase the heart molds, the proceeds go directly into our kitten rescue fund.**

It’s funny because the recipe started out as a frozen treat recipe, but the mixture looked so much like cake batter, that I decided to try baking it as well. Both turned out great! The pups enjoyed the frozen hearts and the baked “cookies”. Rosie did not like either of them. My mission now is to find more easy recipes that are both dog and Rosie friendly! I’ll put that on my resume “willing to cook, but only for fur kids”, I’ll make someone a great wife someday! Any gentlemen takers? Oh well, maybe next Valentines Day! Haha.

Please enjoy this video of their reactions (and mine, yes I tasted the baked ones) to the treats! The part where I’m making it is more experimental, the recipe and instructions here are definitely more refined. Either way, this recipe is difficult to mess up, just because I, someone who rarely makes an appearance in the kitchen, put it together.

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