Knitting Scarves for Your Pets

There were a lot of questions about the scarf that Rosie was  recently seen wearing on our latest excursion, pictured below (left)! So we’ve decided to make a post about how to have your very own!  You may be surprised to know, they were all handmade, and customized to each pup. The pack all sport their individual knit scarves (right). You may also be surprised to know how easy they are to make! We’ve detailed the instructions below so every animal out there can have their very own knit scarves!


The materials we used can be found below (click on the pics to follow the links):


Lion Brand Thick Yarn
Boye Knitting Needles (Size 15)
Boye Yarn Needle








The method we used to knit was just the simplest knit stitches (tutorials can be found anywhere online). For Rosie’s scarf, we cast 26 stitches (which will become the length of the scarf) and knitted until it was about 3 inches thick (not stretched). The total dimensions of the scarf now were: L(12 inches) x W(3 inches). You can finish the knit using any method. Using the yarn needle and some extra yarn, we sewed together the two width ends of the scarf to make an infinity loop. It was finished with a little bow on the front, also made from extra yarn. For references, Rosie’s neck size is about 9 inches, but we made it a little larger to account for her fluff.

The huskies’ scarves were made similarly. They have a neck size of about 14 inches, taking into account fluff, so we cast 32 stitches on the knitting needle. The scarves were knitted until they were about 5 inches thick and finished in the same manner as above. In retrospect, we found that every 2 stitches is about 1 inch, so you can measure your own pets and determine their sizing. The scarves are also stretchy and can fit a variety of necks without a problem!

We hope this post inspires you to make your pets their very own scarves! Thank you for reading and please subscribe for more interesting blog posts about Rosie and the Huskies! Also, leave your questions below and we will surely reply!




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  1. You and your Pack are the most precious group of humans and animals! I look forward to your posts more than you know and you always brighten a moment, when it seems so bleak. Keep doing amazing things.
    Lots of love, from NY!

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